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Irene, Head teacher

My vocation and love for children has led me to study this career at the University of Navarra, which, together with my close relationship with the English language from a very young age, have made a perfect combination to enable me to contribute at Green tree Nursery.

My professional experience in schools and nursery schools in the USA, Sweden and London, and here in Spain for four years, have further strengthened my vocation for children and the English language, which allows me to be bilingual in both languages.

I love becoming a little girl once more playing with them and sharing moments of laughter and learning. I would not change this beautiful vocation that life has given me: being with children is undoubtedly the best way to spend my time. I´m fortunate to go to work everyday with a tremendous desire to see their happy little faces and enjoy our time together.

Emma, Expert in Child Education

In London I worked in Montessori Nursery schools. This has enabled me to develop as a teacher who observes and supports each child in their needs, abilities and interests, offering them a choice of activities that they can develop to their full potential. I´ve learnt, and I firmly believe, that children should be permitted to act, choose and think for themselves, helping to develop their self-confidence and their interest in learning new things.

In Malaga, I spent three years working in the foundation stage at St George´s School using a different teaching methodology. This was an enjoyable experience and I learnt a lot.

I love being able to share my knowledge and experience at Green Tree and contribute to this great cause which is to educate children through play. This is something I´m not only involved in as a teacher, but also as a mother to my 18 year old son and 9 year old daughter.

Julia, Expert in Child Education

I have always been passionate about children, it may be because I come from a very large family. My memories are surrounded by babies; I loved taking care of them every way; besides, I was pretty good at it since I was little. Although I started studying and working in another sector, more specifically translation and interpreting, I had the great opportunity to live between the UK and South Africa for 7 years. When I returned to Spain it was when a radical turn took place in my life: starting a family. My son changed the way I felt and totally changed my goal in life. It was because of him that I decided to change course and dedicated myself to what makes me so happy and fulfills me as a person and as a mother: a child educator. Green Tree is a dream come true for me, because it is what I have always believed in: it is respectful parenting, it is children in freedom, it is play as the central axis of all development, it is open space, it is non-separation by ages, it is children experiencing by themselves, it is a direct relationship with family members and full communication with them…, it is, in short, what I would have wanted for my son.

Cristina, Director and Founder of Green Tree

Having lived in various European countries during my student years and professional life I have experienced firsthand the importance of languages for free movement. Above all, the number of doors that languages open. After graduation in Marketing and PR and in Economics I undertook an MBA in three different countries (France, England and Germany). My professional life has led me to travel extensively, both in the fields of Marketing and later in Tourism. But it was the birth of my daughter in 2011 that changed everything, my instinct, my objectives and my focus. Determined to do the best I could, I started to read and study and take courses related to the early years, respectful parenting and active and communicative teaching methods, which are those I firmly believe in. From a combination of all these factors Green Tree was born.

My main role is to take care of the administrative, organizational and business side of Green Tree, thus enabling the teachers, who are the backbone of Green Tree, to focus on what matters most to them, the children.

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