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The language

It is proven that children learn new languages much more quickly than adults. Young children are like sponges so this is the ideal moment to offer them the best gift we can give them, a second language.

To learn a new language, the child needs to be in constant contact with it. This continuous contact can be through the family, or if not possible, through their carer or nursery. For this reason, at Green Tree we place special emphasis on total English immersion from the moment the child crosses our threshold.

We could say it´s like a small English speaking island. All our activities are linked to linguistic communication. Our educators develop language skills and ensure that each child has the space to talk and express themselves. Language and body language play a very important part here but best of all is that the children learn in such a spontaneous and natural way through play, that they don´t even realize they are learning.

In Green Tree we collaborate closely with Usborne books, English publisher, and part of our children’s library comes from there. If you want to buy English children’s books, we invite you to take a look here.

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