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Our Philosophy

How we work

Our educational concept centres around play and respect as the main tools and sources of learning of each child. It is an active form of learning, allowing them to experience everything that we are and that they are learning. We value the multiple intelligences of each child and therefore have enormous respect for the interests and stage of development of every individual.

Our methodology is living education, active and not teacher led. We take our inspiration from the great educators in history such as Maria Montessori, Rudolf Steiner (Waldorf Methodology), Reggio Emilia, High Scope and Emili Pikler to prepare our games, activities and learning environments.

In Green Tree we want our children to experience, discover, share, socialize, play and enjoy welcoming, caring and tailored surroundings with nursery teachers and assistants who will communicate with the children entirely in English.

Green Tree is based on the following core values:

Complete English Immersion

Our nursery staff communicate entirely in English with the children, from the moment they arrive until they leave, thus creating total English immersion through play.

During this crucial development stage, children are like sponges. They absorb the target language, its melody and its intonation naturally, making it their own and building the ideal foundations for mastering it as they grow.

Experimental Play

Play is a vital learning tool for life and therefore also for education. Through play, children learn about themselves and others, and learn to realize their potential thus favouring personal development.

We place a special emphasis on free play, encouraging the children in our care to choose freely amongst a wide range of age appropriate toys and activities. We advocate their freedom of movement and choice, within the established limits of safety. This promotes self-sufficiency and autonomy.

We also provide guided play, loads of songs and music, puppets, painting and circuits. All of these activities, options, workshops and games are offered to stimulate the natural inquisitivity of the children and their desire to learn.

Play takes place not only indoors but also outdoors, in the fresh air and surrounded by nature, in our sandpit, in our wooden play house and in our garden, where our little ones are in direct contact with nature.

Personalized care

At Green Tree we firmly believe in the importance of respecting the essence of each individual, their desire to try new things and to express themselves creatively. To enable each child to reach their full potential, a high staff child ratio and plenty of freedom are essential.

Our high staff child ratio allows us to get to know each child individually, know their sensitivities and degree of maturity, their preferences and the best way to motivate them.

Peer relations

At Green Tree we are a family and the children are not segregated by age. We learn together, sharing knowledge, feelings and games.

Here everyone is equally important and we welcome children of all ideologies, religions, races and nationalities. We believe that children of different ages should be together, sharing abilities, talents, kindness, learning from each other in a natural way as they would in the outside world. By mixing age groups there is a great variety of stimulus, making the children more tolerant of others and encouraging cooperation.

In order to share best practice we collaborate with other international nurseries in Spain such as the Barcelona based German nursery school Eins Zwei Drei or the book store English Book Stop.

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